When you’re on the stage, every second counts. Gavan delivers the raw, high-value content everyone came for and frankly is longing to hear. The secret behind his success as a Keynote Speaker is that he says the things that many won’t dare to and doesn’t shy away from sharing what has got him to where he is today. (The good, the bad and the very ugly.) With experience in delivering speeches, presentations, training, and workshops Gavan tailors the content to his audience every single time. Some previous talks include:

Powered By Talent hosted by Abacus Recruitment
Knowledge Network hosted by Fleet Financial in The Mac
OnlyJust Media at the Titanic Hotel
Fintru event at Riddell Hall, Queens University.

If you’re looking for a ‘one-script-fits-all’ mentality, you won’t find it here. Gavan never gives the same talk twice, and he’s committed to delivering massive value no matter what the occasion is.

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