Throughout the ages, mentorship has proven to be the fastest and most effective path to achieve one’s goals. Behind the great intellects of ancient Greece and Rome lay a strong reliance on mentoring to achieve success. But in our modern world, the art of mentoring has slipped from our ‘educated’ minds… leaving many people’s true potential untapped. The reality is, we are living through a mentor-famine.

We may have plenty of gurus, coaches and ‘consultants’ with a few motivational quotes in their pockets, but we lack true mentors. We’re swimming in a sea of online courses, Facebook groups and self-improvement books, but people feel just as lost as ever, if not even more so. If these are the keys to success then why do so few people attain it?

When you look deeper, you will find that real mentors are much harder to come by. The ones who have actually been in your shoes, tasted real success, lived through the failures and who have come out the other side thirsty for more.

Our time is limited.

Time-starvation is the plight of the digital age.

The modern woman lives a busy, overloaded life. The modern man has little white space left in his calendar.

There’s no time to read the top 100 business books. There’s no have time to study an MBA.
Taking 10 years out to go and work for someone else is no longer an option.

We know the opportunities and information is out there, we just don’t have the time to take them. Time is also elusive. Like grains of sand running through an hour-glass, it has a tendency to slip away.

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“Tomorrow” “Monday” “In the New Year.”

We get stuck. We waste too much time. Our business becomes a trap that holds us back. Fear, doubt and the imposter syndrome creep in. But these are natural fears, EVERYONE feels, so don’t be alarmed. The difference between those who make it and those who don’t is their ability to keep moving forward without losing time.

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Introducing Speed Mentoring

Speed Mentoring is an approach invented by Northern Irish serial-entrepreneur Gavan Wall.

  • There’s no online video courses
  • There’s no worksheets
  • There’s no hard sell, and there’s no upsell
  • It’s not a one size fits all, copy/paste workshop

It’s a relationship.

In each Speed Mentoring session, Gavan downloads massive amounts of energy, passion and insight to empower his mentees to take the massive action that leads to success.

It’s an opportunity.

To receive brutally honest feedback and advice from an entrepreneur who has experienced the highs and lows of the property, legal, retail and tech industries.

To learn from a man who has ventured through the hard testing years in his family, personal, financial and professional life only to come out the other side stronger.

To ask the questions that Google can’t answer.

To break down the barriers that have been holding you back.

To uncover a unique path that leads to success... whatever that looks like for you.

It’s a journey that too many people try to to do alone, even though it has always been designed to be done together.

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