Speed Mentor Weekend – Jan 2019

MY MISSION; to positively impact the mindsets of every person in the country, to empower them to take #MassiveAction and create #abundance in their lives.

That’s x11 down, after #SMR last weekend, just 1,799,989 to go!

I never tire of giving gratitude for being the luckiest man in the country.

And the proof was there again this weekend as we collectively created an energy that this country has never seen before. We literally created a whole new source of renewable energy! NI is gonna lead the world in this new renewable energy source!

What were the chances that these truly amazing people would have the courage and belief to get mainlined with a dose of the #SecretSauce.

Thank you to Shaun Doherty, Victoria McMahon, Shane McGleenon, Pamela Kennedy, Diane Koplewsky, Melissa McConville, Roger Mulligan, Anne O’Reilly, Gary Pollock, Charles Lynn, Mark Flynn and of course my wingman James Magee for believing in yourselves.

Love you all…but the real work starts now with #MassiveActionMonday.

Just ask yourselves #WWGD

Apply the ’10 Principles’ and abundance and success awaits.

Thank you from the BigGW ❤