Speed Mentor Retreat, La Mon Hotel, May 2019

I’m rarely stuck for the words to put in a post but the mixture of emotions and feelings from pride, to elation, to exhaustion as every ounce of energy I had in the tank was poured into such an amazing group of mentee’s at the #SpeedMentorRetreat.

To say the mentorship Gods blessed me with the attendees would be a gross understatement.

Collectively we created enough energy to power the national grid this weekend, we transferred enough knowledge to make¬† Wikipedia redundant and we’ve created enough future growth that GDP will be up 2% in the year ahead!

This group are high achievers for sure. Thank you to every one of you.

Our last group were #TheOriginals, I’m not sure what this group of #SMR graduates will ultimately be called but it’s clear to me that the amazing outcomes achieved in Jan were not a fluke as May’s batch are gonna similarly achieve!

SMR is gonna happen again in September as the #SecretSauce really does work! DO NOT MISS OUT!