Keynote Speaker at Annual Review of Employment Law

Join Gavan on 20th November at Legal Island’s Annual Review of Employment Law at The Crowne Plaza where he’ll be sharing some of his #SecretSauce with a packed audience.

BONUS DISRUPTER SESSION (Crowne Plaza): Spar Me the Details: From Top Criminal Barrister to Head of a Business Empire. Gavan Wall used to represent some of the scariest people you could ever wish (not) to meet in Northern Ireland. He gave up life as an in-demand criminal barrister to run shops – a growing number of them. From paying off paramilitaries, to sacking undermining employees who were hoping he’d fail, Gavan has an incredible story to tell. Fortunately, he’s an excellent raconteur and he’d like you to learn from his mistakes and successes. This is one’s man’s story and his employment issues you’ll find hard to believe. But you’ll learn a lot and you won’t regret attending this session.”