Kainos Keynote Speech – Waterfront Hall, Apr 2019

It’s a risk bringing me into a corporate environment to spread the #SecretSauce particularly for a Keynote Speech as my mission is to light a fire of aspiration and desire for success in the audience.

Sometimes Corporate businesses say they want this for their Teams but really the share price is the primary focus not the people. And there’s a fear that lighting that aspiration in their people could encourage them to look for new horizons which may ultimately lead elsewhere.

So I was blown away yday by the desire of Kainos to be open to hear that message and infact embrace it for their Teams.

There’s a great culture growing there as the business expands at pace and the Senior Management Team (pictured below) are doubling down in the year ahead, placing the growth and well being of their people as No1 priority.

A huge thank you to Mark Flynn who has embraced the Gorilla Goals concept and his Team have embraced new ideas and are pushing hard for personal development.

Wishing y’all every success in 19/20!

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