“Stop selling, start adding value!” Gavan Wall

Serial entrepreneur and Speed Mentor Gavan Wall shares bite-sized truths which untangle the falsehoods we tell ourselves and coaches us to overcome our barriers to success.

Speaking from a deep conviction as someone who has overcome adversity and experienced tremendous success in the business world, Gavan combines his love of personal development and transformation to cook up a recipe that will helps others achieve their goals, break through negative habits and live their lives in abundance with a little bit of #SecretSauce. Many talk the talk, but Gavan walks the walk, combining leadership of the multi-million pound business The Wall Group and Cofounder of The Change Venture Capital Fund with mentoring and inspiring others to achieve greatness too!

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“Today I visualise what seemed impossible yesterday.” Gavan Wall

Speed Mentoring

Speed Mentoring is an approach invented by Northern Irish serial-entrepreneur Gavan Wall.

There’s no online video courses. There’s no worksheets. There’s no hard sell, and there’s no upsell. It’s not a one size fits all, copy/paste workshop. It’s a relationship. In each Speed Mentoring session, Gavan downloads massive amounts of energy, passion and insight to empower his mentees to take the massive action that leads to success.

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When you’re on the stage, every second counts. Gavan delivers the raw, high-value content everyone came for and frankly is longing to hear. The secret behind his success as a Keynote Speaker is that he says the things that many won’t dare to and doesn’t shy away from sharing what has got him to where he is today. (The good, the bad and the very ugly.) With experience in delivering speeches, presentations, training, and workshops Gavan tailors the content to his audience every single time. Some previous talks include:

Powered By Talent hosted by Abacus Recruitment
Knowledge Network hosted by Fleet Financial in The Mac
OnlyJust Media at the Titanic Hotel
Fintru event at Riddell Hall, Queens University.

If you’re looking for a ‘one-script-fits-all’ mentality, you won’t find it here. Gavan never gives the same talk twice, and he’s committed to delivering massive value no matter what the occasion is.

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People are discovering how to leverage the power of audio. Take Gavan with you to the gym or on your daily commute to maximise your time by dipping into his #SecretSauce.

Speed Mentor is a podcast hosted by serial entrepreneur Gavan Wall strategically produced to add massive value in a short space of time and take people on a transformative journey.

Combining personal development, mindset training and hands-on entrepreneurial tactics, Speed Mentor gives

listeners a clear blueprint to the successful, purposeful life they’ve been chasing.

Plus with Gavan answering real-life questions submitted via LinkedIn and other platforms, he empowers people to take practical, real-life action.

So transform your commute, workout or chore time into a productive mentoring session by tuning in today. You can also submit a question to be answered here.

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